Byron Bay

Both our tours, The Nimbin Waterfall Adventure and The Coastal Waterfall Experience start and finish in the world famous Byron Bay. A once small surf town attracting long haired surfers and alternative lifestylers to its many beautiful beaches and long sand bottom point breaks in the 70’s. 
Now a bustling town full of all walks of life. From the backpackers chasing the Aussie dream and learning to surf to city folk enjoying the sea change. And spiritual beings finding them selves to movie stars and millionaires buying holiday mansions. There is a piece of Byron for everyone to love.
Byron Bay is a small town, but it boast world class food and entertainment. People come to Byron just to eat at the many amazing cafes and restaurants. And there is always some live music being played, either in one of the pubs or clubs. And there is often a brilliant busker every 50m along the main streets.
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